What is a Digital Hub Site?

and Why Do You Need One?

The majority of websites online are nothing more than ‘Online Business Cards’.

No-one will ever see it, unless you hand it to them!

They are not designed to attract traffic let online engage visitors!

All websites are not equal! A Digital Hub Site is an advanced website which incorporates Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Marketing (SMM) Content Marketing (CM) and List Building and a whole lot more in one centralized, easy to manage powerhouse platform.


Discover the 5 Initial Steps You Need to Implement to Own Your Game

Digital Hub Sites have 100’s of best practices built in by default to attract your ideal target audience, engage them and sell to them and is developed by Kim Atkins who has over 17 years hands-on knowledge & experience

We Don’t Just Build You A Website, We Build You A Business!

Branding & Positioning

Position Your Business as the Go-To expert in your niche

Advanced SEO Integration

Attract Free 'Targeted' Traffic from Search Engines eg: Google, Bing, etc

Content Marketing

Copy designed to convert cold visitors to engaged buyers

Social Media Integration

Use Social Sites to drive visitors to your business

Referral Marketing

Email, Word of Mouth, Testimonials, Reviews, Affiliates & Joint Ventures

Digital Hub Sites

Mobile First Approach

Designed for small to large screens and the 'Mobile First' search index

Coaching & Training

Build Your Online Presence into an Online Marketing Powerhouse

Automation & AI

Efficiently market on multiple channels & automate repetitive tasks

Backup & Security

Protect & secure your business asset against hackers & tech issues

Analytics & Tracking

Measure your ROI. Track what is and isn't working


"The Hub Site Formula'

If your business is not easy to find by people who are searching for your products and services then you are missing out on a massive source of new customers.

But it doesn’t just stop there! Once you have free traffic (visitors) coming to your site, you need to communicate with them depending on their level of knowledge and what stage of engagement they are with your business. Once you have developed a relationship with your visitor they are more likely to become buyers. We call it “The Dating Game”

Discover the 5 Initial Steps You Need to Implement to Own Your Game

Increase Your Online Brand and Authority!
Drive Visitors to Your Business using Free Targeted Organic Traffic Driving Methods and